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Location:zhuhai Expiration date:2016-01-01 Nature of the work:Part time Work experience:0-2 years Minimum qualifications:College Hiring:5 Job Category:Part time Recruitment treatment:3000-5000
1. Through marketing, business development and universities, commercial buildings, residential communities
2. field sales, enhance information management level of catering businesses
3. Complete the company's strategic layout of the country's mission to become Taobao catering industry
1. love sales, ordering the network industry have enthusiasm, Sike user experience
2. diligent, pragmatic, very responsible, strong communication skills
3. passionate, daring to challenge the pressure and salaries
Young fly combat highly entrepreneurial team, Cock wire counter-attack model
Bold vision and passion for innovation Ganpin extreme - we are eager to like you!
We do not need rich handsome, we are a group of Cock wire to be a strong counter-attack;
We do not expect the white Formica, has a strong female heart man more in line with the team's temperament;
If you think you can do it, please cast your resume, We Want You!
Corporate welfare:
A year-end bonus: According to the company efficiency and performance of individual employees issued year-end bonuses.
Second, the social insurance: the company since the entry for each employee from the purchase of social insurance.
Third, the annual tourism: a year full tour organized by the company invested.
Fourth, the company bus: Daily weekday commute there from the urban area shuttle (free)
Five annual physical examination: the annual contribution by the company to all regular employees undergo a medical examination.
Six, Mid-relief funds: paid holidays per person condolence payments, and the organization gathering and draw.
Seven Spring welfare: Spring Dinner + Draw + Spring + operating profit gift yes.
Eight, cultural and sports activities: movie theater company based, Internet cafes, karaoke OK hall, and there are table tennis and basketball courts, all free and open to all employees, and often organizes various cultural and sports activities.
Nine, staff training: companies often organize staff training activities, and outstanding employees or potential employees with training delivery outside training or External House
Ten, annual leave: employees enjoy working for a five-year annual salary Vincent vacations
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