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HD flat top laser plate making technology: flexographic printing technology innovation
Reading:5792     Date:2017-11-24
Flexographic printing, as a synonym of green environmental protection printing, has always been a focus of attention. Reviewing the development of flexographic printing, the emergence of laser plate-making technology makes the quality of flexographic printing a qualitative leap, and also makes it possible for flexographic printing to follow offset or gravure. However, due to the characteristics of flexographic printing itself, flexographic printing is in practice. In the actual application process, there will still be some bottlenecks that can not be solved, such as: gradient level of parallel phenomenon, gradient screen problem, high-light dot printing problem, field pinhole leakage phenomenon, the same color plate on both large areas of the field and large areas of dots, and so on, most of these problems are very far-reaching The degree of flexography is directly related to the flexographic plate, it can be said that if these problems can not be effectively solved, flexographic product quality may always be inferior to offset gravure by one grade.

Today, flexography has finally ushered in another technological leap in flexography technology, which is the emergence of "high-definition flat-top laser plate-making technology". If the CDI laser plate-making technology around 2000 is the first generation of laser plate-making technology, then the 2013 high-definition flat-top laser plate-making technology can be regarded as the second. Generation of laser plate making technology. The invention and application of high-definition flat-top laser plate making technology to a great extent solved the above bottleneck phenomenon, making it possible for flexographic printing to a certain extent close to or even exceed offset or gravure printing.

The author has been paying close attention to the development of laser plate-making technology at home and abroad for many years. Since the beginning of 2011, I have been exposed to this flat-top dot technology. It has taken me about one and a half years to study the theoretical basis of high-definition flat-top plate-making technology. At the same time, I have been continuously on-line printing to test this kind of laser flat-top soft. From the actual performance of the printing plate, we feel the excellent performance of laser flat top dot. In the past year and a half of the market research and investigation process, the author knows and contacts the most is the outstanding representative of this technology - Kodak's laser flat-top dot plate making system - Flexcel NX, as the orthodox flat-top dot theory put forward and technology promotion and application of the first person of Kodak, Flexcel-NX once launched, will be one. Won the US flexo printing Innovation Award. It is precisely for these reasons that the Shanghai Minjia Plate-making Company, where I work, took the lead in introducing the first high-definition flat-top laser plate-making system (Flexcel-NX) in East China at the end of 2013, hoping to take this opportunity to contribute to the further development of flexographic laser plate-making technology.

Although laser flat-top plate-making technology has been applied more mature and stable abroad, it has just begun to be applied in a small scale in China. For many flexographic printing people, this technology is still relatively strange (of course, this is also a necessary process for a new technology theory, namely Invention, understanding, popularization, application, etc. Next, I want to make a detailed comparison between Kodak's Flexcel-NX plate-making system and the conventional laser plate-making equipment currently in use in the market in various stages of plate-making and printing, so that we can have a deeper understanding of the outstanding performance of laser flat-top plate-making technology.
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