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Hologram, the important invention in human history. As bright beautiful appearance, high security features, hologram technology in the packaging field have rapidly occupied the forefront of the world high-end packaging printing industry.
Holotek Technology Co., Ltd, the China holographic industry leader, one of the largest holographic manufacture companies located in high-tech industrial park Zhuhai China, 100,000 square meter green field.

Holotek was wholly-owned subsidiary on July 6, 2001 by Fong Teng Technology, a Taiwanese based hologram manufacturer with over 12 years of market experience. Then be the subsidiary company of listed company Shenzhen JinJia Group in 2008, one of the largest printing and packaging company in China.

Holotek’s innovative products and strategies such as the introduction of seamless large format rainbow holographic films are largely responsible for the creation of a holographic tobacco packaging industry in China.
In 2007, designed and developed a variety of photoresist register laser products, further enhance the security features of product packaging.
In 2008, the first launched Fresnel Lens product, increased the 3D effect of the product packaging, enhance the product level, so that counterfeit product packaging more difficulty.
Over 10 years continuous innovation, continuous overload, the annual capacity of laser film  has been increased to 500 million sqm, laser papers 30,000 tons, becoming an important manufacturer of holographic packaging materials manufacturing in the word.

Core philosophy: People oriented, innovation in mind, integrity based, market rooted

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