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Development course


Holotek Technology(Zhuhai) Co., LTD. was founded.


We have established a joint venture technology research and development center with an American company with 28 years of optical anti-counterfeiting technology.


The company first creates a wide and seamless OPP laser film.


Won the honor of "National high-tech Enterprise".


Development of lithography positioning special edition.


Cooperated with the printing factory to developed many kinds of laser products for lithography positioning, which further improved the anti-counterfeiting function of product packaging.


It is the first to launch lens film, which increases the three-dimensional effect of product packaging and improves the product grade and anti-counterfeiting performance.


Our company introduced Suzhou impression plate making machine, increased efforts to develop positioning special edition.

June 2013

The company is wholly owned by Shenzhen Jinjia group.

May 2016

It has passed the evaluation of "Zhuhai key enterprise technology center".

November 2016

Introduction of Firdfly import of high-precision lithography equipment.

November 2016

It has passed the evaluation of "Guangdong engineering technology center".

June 2017

It has passed the evaluation of "Guangdong Provincial Technology Center".

November 2017

The reconstruction of the factory building.

January 2018

Passed ISO9001 certification, ISO4001 certification, occupational health 18001 certification.

July 2018

Our company has invested more than 30 million yuan in a new batch of modern production equipment and production lines.

November 2018

The company implements information management, adopts SAP enterprise management platform, integrates with OA and MES systems to achieve  efficient operation.

April 2019

It has passed the certification of "intellectual property management system".

September 2019

Won the second prize of science and technology award of packaging industry.

April 2020

Acquisition of Qingdao yingnuo Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.

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