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Application of laser technology
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Application of laser technology in printing and relief
Since the 1980s, the industrial market for processing large films has undergone tremendous changes, almost entirely replaced by lasers and digital processing. Since then, a common technique in the printing industry has been the use of RF-excited CO2 lasers with a power of up to 1 kW, which can be ad……
HD flat top laser plate making technology: flexographic printing technology innovation
Flexographic printing, as a synonym of green environmental protection printing, has always been a focus of attention. Reviewing the development of flexographic printing, the emergence of laser plate-making technology makes the quality of flexographic printing a qualitative leap, and also makes it po……
Common anti-counterfeiting printing technology
Printing anti-counterfeiting technology is a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology, including anti-counterfeiting design plate, precision printing equipment and matching ink, paper and so on. Purely from the point of view of printing technology, printing anti-counterfeiting technology mainly ……
The external processing trade of China's printing industry increased to 84 billion 200 million yuan.
China's printing industry has been deeply integrated into the global printing and processing industry chain, providing printing and packaging services to more than 50 countries in the international community. Data show that in 2017, China's printing industry's external processing trade amounted to 8……
Current situation and Prospect Analysis of laser holographic anti counterfeiting Market
Laser holographic technology plays a small part in all the current laser technology applications, but holographic technology is closely related to our lives, such as medicine, food, light industrial products, cosmetics, Bank Securities and other anti-counterfeiting trademarks, better three-dimension……
Lead printing to laser typesetting: the development of China's printing industry
From lead printing to laser typesetting, from "north Book South printing" to tripod, from only printing books and periodicals to unlimited business opportunities... After 65 years of technological catch-up, the birthplace of movable-type printing has achieved a leap forward to a major printing count……
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